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Time, Beauty & Impermanence

Time, Beauty & Impermanence

For almost 800 years, Notre-Dame de Paris has stood as one of the most renown and beautiful examples of medieval gothic architecture in the world. From its famous flying buttresses to its imposing west end towers and ascending central spire, this famous...

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Behind the Scenes:  Take 1

Behind the Scenes: Take 1

Like any major project or production, a lot goes on behind the scenes that most people would naturally never see when viewing the finished product. With our building project, we want to give you at least a periodic glimpse of some of the "goings on" while...

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Building Faith Prayer List – February 2020

Building Faith Prayer List – February 2020

Several members of our BF Advisory Team are currently engaged in some very important and time-consuming work on the project. This is in addition to their very busy family, ministry and work schedules. Please join us in praying for the following team members during the...

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  • Praise God for His faithfulness in continuing bring new families to FCC.
  • Pray as we begin our General Contractor selection process.
  • Pray that our site contractor’s schedule will open up soon so the work can continue on our property.
  • Pray for the design and engineering team as they work to complete our final phase 1 plans.
  • Pray as we work with contractors, that we would glorify God and have opportunities to proclaim the gospel.
  • Continue to pray for God to provide financially through the remainder of the building process.
  • Pray for our Building Faith team, that God would continue to grant them wisdom, insight, direction, and unity as they work together and serve our body.

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