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A Growing Trend in our Community

A Growing Trend in our Community

  You can’t miss it these days. The residential, commercial, and road construction is happening all around us. It’s obvious that significant, ongoing demographic changes are taking place in our community. And with those changes come big opportunities for our church....

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  • Pray for God’s guidance & blessing through the continuing building design & planning process.
  • Pray for wisdom & insight for our elders & the Building Faith team, who will be involved in making critical decisions in the weeks & months ahead.
  • Pray for financial provision – that God would continue to provide for the needs of the project through the stewardship & generosity of the body.
  • Pray for our faithfulness as a church – that we would continue to serve Him with diligence and perseverance as we await the next steps in the building process.


Advisory Team

  • Jeff Horne – Finance Advisor
  • Mike Lee – Capital Campaign Advisor
  • Chad Hayes – Project Advisor
  • Kyle Jones – Project Advisor
  • Roy Turner – Project Advisor

Communication Team

  • Kevin Cole
  • Tim Dettman
  • David Gehring
  • Darby Hughes
  • Steve Kroening