Some of you have direct experience in the construction industry, so you know a great deal about all that is involved in transforming a raw piece of property into a well-planned site that is ready for a building. For most of us, however, the extent of our knowledge in this arena is limited to what we peripherally observe as we pass by various construction sites on our way to and from work, school, church, the grocery store, etc. In fact, what we probably know most about construction projects is how much traffic, mess and inconvenience they cause. When large machines show up somewhere and start clearing trees and moving giant piles of dirt around, we know very little about what is actually being done, and, truth be told, care very little about what is actually being built. We just want to know when it will be finished!


We are confident that your perspective on the Building Faith project is much different than all those other construction projects you pass by every day. And we know you are very interested in what is being built. So, to help you better understand and appreciate all that will be done on our property over the next several months, we decided to provide you with the following “checklist” of things that must be completed before the site is ready for a building. You will notice right away that this is not your typical “Things to do today” checklist.


  1. Create construction entrance on Woodstock Parkway and install perimeter silt fence.
  2. Clear trees from site.
  3. Remove stumps, brush, and topsoil from site.
  4. Mobilize heavy equipment.
  5. Install temporary sediment pond.
  6. Stake rough grades across site.
  7. Cut/Fill – the process in which you cut down dirt at the higher areas of the site and transport it to the lower areas of the site where it is placed and compacted.
  8. Rough grade site to sub-grade elevation of building pad, parking areas, etc.
  9. Install storm water structures and piping.
  10. Install site utilities (water, sewer, electrical, data, gas, etc.)
  11. Stake curb and gutter.
  12. Form and pour curb and gutter.
  13. Test parking lot sub grade.
  14. Place stone and first layer of asphalt on parking lot.
  15. Backfill dirt behind curbs.


Once all these items on our “checklist” are completed, we’ll hopefully be ready to start the building. It will take some time and a lot of effort and expertise from a wide range of people, but once it’s ready, it will be “a site to behold!” Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom, provision and protection as the site work gets underway very soon.