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Hosted by Richard Goff and featuring Dr. Shane Koehler, Teaching Pastor at Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA, Building Faith captures weekly, content-rich discussions about key biblical and theological matters that challenge believers to think clearly about God’s Word and its application to daily life.

Current Series:  Uncertainty & Hope

Episode 23:  Uncertainty & Hope, Part 2

After a long summer hiatus, we are back at it with a new Building Faith podcast, Uncertainty & Hope, Part 2. In our last episode in May, we were a couple of months into the COVID-19 shutdown, so we thought it would be helpful to record a short series on biblical hope. In part 1 of the series, we focused on what biblical hope actually is and how it starkly contrasts with superficial conceptions of worldly hope. In this new follow-up episode, we discuss how our understanding of biblical hope should work itself out in our lives.

Episode 22:  Uncertainty & Hope, Part 1

I hope I don’t get sick. I hope I don’t lose my job. I hope I get to see my friends soon. I hope the economy recovers from this pandemic shutdown. In this episode, we begin a series of discussions on the subject of hope. What is biblical hope and how does it differ from the more common notions or expressions of hope we hear or say? We will answer those questions in this episode of the Building Faith Podcast.


Episode 18:  Pandemic & Profound Love

What is, or should be distinctive about Christians as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic? In this special episode, Pandemic & Profound Love, we explore some of the most devastating pandemics in history and we highlight how Christians in past eras distinguished themselves by serving and sacrificing for others in profound ways.

Episode 19:  Pandemic & Profound Confidence

Uncertainty, fear, anxiety. These terms might be too mild to describe what many people are experiencing right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Many concerns are mounting, not the least of which are vast concerns about the financial hardships people are, or will likely experience as a result of this unprecedented crisis. In this episode, Richard and Shane turn their attention to these concerns in what is, hopefully, a very helpful discussion about how Christians can avoid the grip of anxiety and persevere through this season of testing with a profound confidence in God. 

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