On Sunday, March 17, 2024, we presented a Building Faith Update to the congregation in which we covered some important project milestones and discussed a number of building elements that are not part of the current project scope, but could be added back in as funds become available. We have provided that full presentation below in a new Building Faith Bulletin.

During the presentation, we highlighted the next critical milestone in the project timeline… POWER.  In about a month, when the building is fully dried in, it will be necessary to transition from temporary power to a fully-powered building that is fed from a primary transformer installed on the property. Our general contractor placed a transformer order in March of 2023, knowing that Georgia Power was giving 52-week lead times on this equipment. As of our recent update on March 17th, we had no indication of when our order might be filled, so we entreated the congregation to pray for POWER.

I am thrilled to report that the Lord has answered our prayers!  We received word this week that our transformer has been tagged, and preparations are underway for its delivery and installation within the next few weeks.

We continue to marvel at the Lord’s gracious provision. We have said all along, Building Faith is about much more than a building project. It is, indeed, about building deeper faith and unwavering confidence in our great God as we seek to honor him in all we do as a congregation.