Overall things are in good shape on the site. We put together the video below using some aerial drone footage shot by Kyle Dettman on 06.06.2020. Thank you Kyle!

As you can see from the video, a lot of progress has been made, and we are grateful to the Lord for that. Kyle Jones and Chad Hayes met with NJ Wilbanks this past Friday (06.05.2020) to review conditions on the site.  All of the water lines are in except for the tie-ins at Woodstock Parkway. Almost all of the parking areas and building pad area have been fine graded. The entrance off of Woodstock Parkway is the last thing to be fine-graded after the water tie-ins are complete. Most of the curb and gutter and light pole locations have been staked out by the surveyor – this should be completed this week. Weather permitting, underground electrical conduits will go in starting around Wednesday of this week (06.10.2020) with concrete light pole bases and curb/gutter to follow.

As we move through the month of June and into July, the site will begin to really take shape with clear and visible markers of the actual building location, driveways and parking areas. It will be an exciting summer of great progress on the project!