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Hosted by Richard Goff and featuring Dr. Shane Koehler, Teaching Pastor at Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA, Building Faith captures weekly, content-rich discussions about key biblical and theological matters that challenge believers to think clearly about God’s Word and its application to daily life.

Current Series:  Social Media

Episode 30:  Social Media, Part 1 – “Cautious Consumption”

A quick survey of the most recent data confirms something that most people know intuitively about social media. It is an enormously influential means of communication in our society. One of the more compelling and concerning takeaways from all of the data about this immensely influential medium is that the use of social media is NOT primarily driven by content production, but rather by content consumption… consumption on a massive scale.

In this first episode in our new series on Social Media, we discuss some important principles about its use and the need for Christians to exercise biblical discernment and caution when choosing the content we consume.

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